You're feeling Sick.

You wake up one morning with the sniffles and a sore throat
and you have a Big Meeting, and cannot reach my Doctor until 9AM.
What can you do, go to the ER or Ugent Care or:


Health care on your terms

Access to U.S. board-certified doctors who can resolve many of your medical issues, 24/7/365, via phone or online video consults from wherever you happen to be.


Telehealth Is The Solution for wellness

Telehealth is one component of a health care solution focussed on a convenient, affordable way for patients to achieve wellness

Request a consult

Simply call us toll free to request an online consultation with a licensed specialist.

Talk with a doctor

A U.S. board-certified doctor licensed in your state reviews your records, while you provide information on your condition, then contacts you, listens to your concerns and asks questions.

Resolve your issue

The doctor prescribes the right course of action for your medical issue. If a prescription is necessary, it’s sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Finish up

The doctor updates your HIPAA-compliant records with the results of your examination. With your permission, they can even send a record of your encounter to your current doctor.

Employer Benefits- Increase Profits and Employee Loyalty

Reduce Healthcare Costs

OnlineDoctoRx is a lower cost alternative to $100 doctor visits, $150 urgent care visits, and $750 ER visits for acute care. Your cost is $10 a month for families without children, $15 a month for families with children

Reduce Absenteeism

OnlineDoctoRx enables you to offer employees convenient, timely and affordable access to healthcare without missing work. Employees don’t pass on illnesses by working when sick

Increase Productivity

Healthy employees are in the office more often and get more work completed. This will lead to higher productivity.

Client Specific ROI

Reports on utilization and productivity savings. Target high utilization and redirect employees toward more cost-effective services

Access to healthcare

Provide 24/7/365 access to quality medical care to all employees regardless of their work location or travel schedule. 2300 doctors in the network with pediatric and other Specialists on staff.


A quality alternative to urgent care and ER on nights, weekends and holidays and improved access for individuals and families.


Employees will enjoy knowing an experienced physician is only a call or click away. You will save money by offering a telehealth solution.

Quick setup and activation

OnlineDoctoRx can be implemented in as little as 24 hours. The immediate family is included and $0 consult fee.

Hablamos Espanol, Francais, German

Real-time Dashboard

OnlineDoctoRx provides employers with real-time statistics, electronic reports, billing, eligibility and telehealth materials.

Employee benefits

10 Reasons Employees Love US

  • It’s Free!  Your employer gives you a Perk, and he profits.
  • No Co-Payments,  No Consulting or office or other fees.
  • Unlimited Medical Consultations – Free!
  • No Waiting Room – typical wait time is 10-20 Minutes-in the comfort of your Home.
  • No Travel Time – Pickup the phone and you are there.
  • No Office! –  Home, office, anywhere  In the Cloud.
  • HD Quality video – We use streaming Video and Audio, so it’s like he’s there.
  • Prescriptions sent immediately to your favorite Pharmacy. Refills simplified.
  • Reduces Cost  as an excuse for not getting proper and timely Medical Care.